Review JVC RV-NB70B Powered iPod/iPhone Dock Woofer Speaker System with connection for MP3/Mic/CD and Guitar - Black Cheap

Saturday, 30 June 2012 | 0 comments


Got this thing mainly for taking camping,whether with wife and kids or festivals(small ones not the likes of t in the park for fear of it getting nicked).It might seem a bit excessive but sometimes our group of friends have parties in rural spots so its good to have the firepower when called upon and this thing has plenty,good solid bass and all round sound even at half volume.
My only concern before I bought was how quick scrolling through 40 gig worth of ipod menu would be with it being behind a door but the remote does a good job,not as quick as the pod wheel itself but if I need to get from one end of the menu to the other fast I can always open the door while playing and work the wheel.
The good thing with this model is the audio in line to allow connectivity for allsorts such as a tv or non ipod mp3s. The usb and guitar input I prob wont use but is always there as an option.The 4 preset sound modes and bass level control are all thats needed for an outdoor stereo although some would disagree.......


Review cheap iHelicopter - Lightspeed Android / iPad / iPhone Controlled i-Helicopter With Turbo

Friday, 22 June 2012 | 0 comments

Outstandingly good fun!
My girlfriend bought me one for my birthday and I cannot even begin to express how good it is. It's incredible value: You get a well-made steel-framed machine with built in gyro stabilising and a bag of spare parts, although frankly it's pretty robust. I've crashed mine dozens of times and there's not a mark on it. The app is nicely done (I have the iPhone version) and...
"The service provided by the seller was good but the item is not upto the expectations. Initially it provided all the fun and thrill but it was shortlived. Runs out of charge (both helicopter and the transmitter) very quickly within no time and can be very frustrating (be prepared to charge it again and again). This was second iHelicopter I bought, though it is supposed...
s The fun is shortlived

Cheap Ricco V10 Latest 2012 Aluminium Power Tube iPhone 4 4S 3GS iPod Nano Touch Classic iPad Shuffle 2G 3G 4G G4 5G G5 G6 S Portable Travel Charger Speaker and Docking System---Latest Model Support ALL iPods+MicroSD MEMORY CARD +USB Flash Drive+ FM Radio+ Alarm Clock+ Remote Control

Tuesday, 19 June 2012 | 0 comments

good overall
Nice design, good sound quality and pretty powerful. Without an adapter or the batteries the clock and the alarm are not usable unless you keep it connected to the pc with the pc on 24h a day. The radio is ok but the frequencies are not programable. Honestly i bought an adaptor but i cannot charge the ipod anyway. Good overall particularly compared to the price. 
Good product design but welding mark on docking unit. Sound is not very loud, with some devices, although the quality of sound is good. Radio station cannot be stored although it states it can be and unfortunately the buttons on remote are hard to press. It does charge your IPhone though. Have to purchase seperate adapter to go straight to mains. 

Cheap Ipod Apple iPod Touch 4 Black Curved S Gel Case Cover Skin Protector from Keep Talking Shop iPod Touch 4G 4th Generation Accessories



Bought this case as I have recently had a ipod touch 4th gen for my birthday. This case fits my ipod very well and all the buttons are still easy to access. The case is not to chunky so charging your ipod can still be charged with the case on. Hope this helps. :).................................


Buy Apple iPod touch 8GB - White - 4th Generation Cheap


Way, way exceeded my expectations
I have been bowled over by this little device.

I bought it thinking that it would be a good replacement iPod for my ancient model, with a bit of mobile browsing thrown in - very useful as I didn't want to be chained to my laptop.

But the iPod Touch turned out to be so, so much more than this. It takes a generational leap forward in gadgetry,...

Save your money for something else that lasts!
*Update 15/05/12 It's not been long over a year and a half and my iPod has given up the ghost! One day it was fine and the next I get a battery graphic with a thin red bar indicating it's too low on power and needs charging. But it was in one of my speaker docks on charge when this happened which was odd. So I used the apple sync lead and tried charging it via my pc's...

Review Generic 4G Touch Luxury Black Genuine Leather Case Cover for New Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation - 8GB 32GB 64GB

Monday, 18 June 2012 | 0 comments

Exactly what I wanted (got there at last!)
I previously had a 'leather' case for my 4th generation iPod Touch, however, it was of a different design to this one, whereby the Touch was held in place by a plastic inner case. Once in place, the product looked great and the black plastic holder was barely visible. The problem was the quality of the plastic that held the Touch. It was a hard, brittle material and the...
OK case
it is a ok case but after only 4 months the sides are falling off and the magnites are coming out. However the stand is a good quality one and is very useful if you want to watch a movie or music vidi.......

Review SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB MP3 Player with Radio and Expandable MicroSD/SDHC Slot - Black

Sunday, 17 June 2012 | 0 comments

Awesome little player! Well worth the money!
Well, I've just started going to the gym, and I didn't want to take my huge iPod video with me and have to carry it around in my track bottom pocket or in my shorts. So i figured I would go and get an iPod shuffle. Well first of all the new iPod shuffle has bad reviews left right and centre, plus you cant change the headphones, so then I thought I'd get one of the older...
Good but much too quiet
A good, easy-to-use MP3 player that works straight from the box. Quick drag-and-drop file upload, no need for additional software, quite cheap. BUT after using it for a couple of months I find two significant problems. Firstly it is too quiet. Even at max volume you can't hear the output in a moderately noisy environment like a city street or an underground train -...
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